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A will is a legal document that states your final wishes regarding your property after your death. It states heirs and instructions and names the executor of your estate.

Without a will, the state’s default intestacy provisions take over. This means that the state of Alabama will choose who receives your property and administers your estate – regardless of your preferences. In most situations, dying without a will created undue family trouble. Probate and estate planning lawyers see this all too often.

The probate process can be time-consuming—in Alabama, it takes a minimum of six months. There are two kinds of probate proceedings which are used to transfer a decedent’s probate assets to his or her heirs.

  1. When the individual died having executed a valid last will and testament, then the will is offered to probate, and assets are eventually distributed according to the terms of the will.
  2. When the individual did not leave a will, a similar process called an Estate Administration is filed in the Probate Court. In that case, the decedent’s property is divided among certain people according to the law of intestate succession.

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When you create a trust, the person or entity responsible for managing the assets and handling distributions is the trustee. Often, individuals find this a difficult burden to plan on friends or family members, or they desire professional management. Further, the administration of a probate estate or trust is complex.

We guide our clients through a challenging and emotional process. At Red Oak Legal, we provide comprehensive estate and trust administration services for our clients. We are committed to providing certainty and have the resources to ensure your wishes are met and your planning properly carried out.

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