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Deter Depression in Seniors

It is easy to be overcome by depression at all stages of life. Life is full of surprises and twists, and not all of them have a positive effect on our mental health. However, once a senior is in the…

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Alzheimer’s Awareness in November

President Ronald Reagan labeled November as National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month back in 1983. The goal is to raise awareness about the disease and its prevalence among the US population and provide potential caregiving suggestions, links to organizations that can…

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How an Elder Law Attorney Can Help You

The senior citizen population is increasing rapidly as the baby boomer generation ages, and the influx of international migration continues. Although the US average life expectancy has seen a slight three-year decline, many Americans, men and women, live well into…

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What it Means to Be a Fiduciary

You may be asked to be power of attorney for a member of your family or a close friend. This person may be planning for when they might become unable to take care of their affairs. For example, they might…

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Backup Plans for When the Power Goes Out

The electronic infrastructure that powers our lives, including seniors aging in place, in retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and in nursing homes is a service frequently taken for granted. Everything is fine while devices, enterprise servers, and cloud services are…

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Learn About Guardianship and How to Avoid It

What is a guardianship? A guardianship is usually defined as a protective legal proceeding for someone who is incapacitated and unable to manage his/her own affairs. Incapacitated means that the elder is no longer able to receive and evaluate information…

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